Puzzle Sale!

This is the fourth sale in this group!

All the puzzles are in excellent condition(near mint) because they are kept for collection.
And in the last sale, there were some people who asked me to contact you if i could sell the puzzle next time. But so sorry, I recently deleted all the messages.

2. Pincers

Bought it from Pelikanpuzzles. It has 1 solution without any rotate and I found solution with rotate. Pretty fun puzzle.

Sell it for 30 USD.

6. Rigmarole

Not Eric Fuller(cubicdissection), but Yavuz Dmirhan’s version. I bought from him. Shipped unassembled.

Sell it for 30 USD.

sold puzzle were removed from the list. now two puzzle(pincers, rigmarole) are available.

사진 설명이 없습니다.

And I have some(actually, it is quite a lot) Korean puzzles including few copy of bitten biscuit puzzle. If you buy my puzzle, If you buy more than 100 USD, I’ll give some copy of these puzzles to you for free. These are simple paper puzzles sold under the name ‘Wow Puzzle’ in Puzzlemaster. If you want to purchase additional bitten biscuit puzzles separately, please add just 5 USD. (It was sold for 16.99 USD in puzzlemaster and is now sold out!)

I live in South Korea, and I can ship worldwide(via Koreapost). Shipping costs will vary depending on the country of the buyer. I’ve done several overseas sales in this group, and 1 or 2 puzzles were charged approximately 30-40 USD for shipping fee(based on my experience). I hope it will help you calculate your budget. Payment is received by PayPal. (and I’m non-smoker and pet-free.)

And… It was difficult to price the pre-owned puzzles that were never traded in marketplace, but reasonable negotiations are possible at any time. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in facebook, or give me a message, or mail(chh1143am@gmail.com).

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